AnkiReview now supports Anki Templates

2 min readJun 2, 2019

AnkiReview is a flashcard reviewing app, companion to AnkiDroid. It was meant to make the reviewing experience more pleasant, making use of animations and swiping gestures.

Early on during development, I made a bold choice: I was going to break compatibility with traditional Anki HTML/CSS templates, and introduce a new, easy to use templating system. You can read about it here: . I did this in part to introduce a slick animation when revealing the answer.

While this worked great for very simple text-based flashcards like language decks, it introduces severe limitations: no images, and users have to re-implement their templates using the built-in editor in the app.

With the latest version of AnkiReview, there are two modes available (“Deck Display Modes”):

  • Anki HTML/CSS Style: use your existing Anki templates, no additional configuration required.
  • AnkiReview Style: take advantage of AnkiReview’s built-in templating engine for slick looking text flashcards.
Deck Display Modes in AnkiReview

After choosing the Anki HTML/CSS Style, you’ll be able to review your flashcards just like in AnkiDroid, but using gestures:

  • 👆 Swipe Up to reveal answer.
  • 👈 Swipe Left to answer “not memorized”.
  • 👉 Swipe Right to answer “good (recommended)”.
  • If you need to answer with another difficulty level, tap the floating button on the lower right.
Chinese language deck with HTML/CSS formatting and background image

And that’s all there is to it ! Curious about the app ?